The Independence day !

today is the Independence day of Pakistan .i can feel the mirth of celebrations around every where. the whole nation  seems to be engulf by happiness, people dancing on streets , one wheeling  on roads, in the gratitude of Country independence people blocking the roads , wait ! is this the meaning of Independence ?
no , hell no . the true independence lies with in doing the righteous.

Pakistan is an independent state ,a proud of Muslims.but still i feel that we are missing something . let’s go back to the advent of Pakistan ,14th august 1947. yep right there , at that time people lost their homes, lives , family , millions of people were in the pangs of poverty , starving to death , no shelter , all they had was the dream , they did not lost their hopes on Pakistan , they have faith in ALLAH! and these ingredients built unity among them and they were able to do wonders.
the nation was going on the right track ,on the path  leading them to the destination , with decades passed away, the nation lost they way . we lost our hopes, our faith in ALLAH ! and now you see no unity among us. the whole united together for the advent of Pakistan but now  we cant even unite to fast on the same day and celebrate eid on same day. wake up people , we have to unite again. because together we can rise again and reach our destination .and one day we will achieve the dreams of Qaid-e-Azam God willingly (In shaa ALLAH)

happy independence day to my nation .
Pakistan Zindabad !



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