Nalaik Panda the Exam warrior !

Life is living your dreams ,Living it to the fullest.Life is like a guitar it depends upon how you play it.only with the heart one can touch the sky.This is how my story begins.a year ago I watched Kung fu panda and it become my incentive to become a nalayak(worthless)-Panda the”exam warrior”.with the passage of time my ambitions became relentless.and i almost became what i wanted to be.
yesterday again i got the opportunity to prove my self a real exam warrior.yep i had an exam, the thing very famous as”my name is exam and im a terrorist”.i was well prepared to fight with it, got my clothes ironed,sun glasses rayban wyfer and everything was ready.yep ma secret weapon too.
so the exam started at 8am.everything was going on well but the weather was vile and soon I begun to lose my strength,I felt like giving up,but then i remember my training that was under the tutelage of “master puk u”and i remembered a “real warrior never quit”.so finally I had to brought out my secret weapon the “dice”.i used dice to solve every single multiple choice question.the trick for using the dice was that ,if you throw the dice and it comes two, tick the option two.if it comes three click the option three and vice versa.that was how i fought as a”exam warrior”.
well in the end i want to give my message to all students
“seeking education is right of ever one but donot kill the right of others by too much studying “



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