Month of Blessings !

The ninth month in lunar calendar Ramadan is holy period dedicated for yielding self purification and devotion to ALLAH.In this month the devil is caged .fast act as a shield against the schemes of Satan .The Razman is about to end and eid is around the corner.i can see the felicity and ecstasy on every one face. we all know that ALLAH shower his countless bounties upon us especially in this month of Ramzan and Quran says ”

55:49 Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?- ” .

indeed we cannot count his gazillion favors , but before this month ends, lets commemorate the events happened in this month and take a review of few of bounties that Ramzan brings and Thank ALLAh for his favors .

The first ten days of ramzan is known as first ashra of Ramzan and its about asking for mercy from the Lord of Heaven and earth.  The second ashra of Ramzan is of seeking forgiveness and repent over sins, and the third part of ramzan is about to seek refuge in ALLAH from hell fire.
on 16th Ramzan conquest of Makkah took place , it was the war won by muslims without a conflict.
on 17th Ramzan (2 A.H) Battle of Baddar was fought , it was the very first time that the Muslims fought a war against non-believers and muslims got victorious even though they were outnumbered.
Annihilation of ROderic”s forces at the hand of Tariq bin Ziyad and hence the Rule of Muslims’s rule on Al-Andalus( Spain) .
Annexation of Syria By Saluhuddin Ayubi .
Defeat of Mongols by Saifuddin Qutz .
on 2th of Ramzan the Holy Book Quran was revealed  and the essence of 27th Ramzan for Pakistanies is more because the advent of Pakistan took Place on 27th of Ramzan .

These events remind us the true Spirit of Islam.I hope you people are fasting and getting bliss with the blessings of this  month.remember me in your prayers.
Assalamo Alikum,

Farhan Ali.



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