Eid-ul-Fitar !

Eid-ul-fitar , is a Muslim holiday, that marks the end of Ramzan, the Islamic holy month of fasting(sawm). Eid is an Arabic word meaning “festivity,” while Fiṭr means “breaking (the fast)”.. The first day of Eid, falls on the first day of the month Shawwal.

Well when the moon is sighted at the end of Ramzan, The Eid is celebrated on the next day.The moon sighting can also be called “moon fighting “.And the whole thing is turned into the “twilight moon eclipse” because the riot between the two groups, one can be called wolfs, which says the moon is sighted and the other can be called vampires , for them there is no moon sighted.and no one knows which side wins and which side is wrong one.

By the way if the moon is sighted , that night is called “chand raat” .At that night  you can feel the mirth of ecstasy everywhere .People go on shopping, ladies put mahendies on hands and buys bangals and other stuff, and do preparing for the Eid.
On the Eid day , all the muslims go to masjid and offer Eid prayer. Then we make supplicants. After that my favorite part starts, yep the muslims embrace and hug each other and then they start a free hug campaign, Just like you see in the video of”sick puppies (All the same)”.

Well donot forget to share love and happiness with destitute people.Do little charity ,So they can also celebrate Eid like us . Eid Mubarak to all of the Muslim world 🙂

Note: Please dont waste your time reading this article , go and collect Eidi. because Eidi is like a opportunity comes very few times in a life time 😛 “



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