Commemorating defense day !

Islam is enriched by the stories of  our ancestors.Islamic history is full of our great warriors who wrote the golden pages of history by their blood.listening to  their stories of  bravery will make you feel that even hollywood film 300 is a crap.Imagine for real ,313 fighters fighting while having a fast and getting victorious over 1 thousand  soldiers who have proper amour.During the  reign of Hazrat  Umer-e-Farooq(may ALLAH be pleasure with him)  25 thousand muslims won a battle over 2 lac non-believers.Thats not it,flicking  through the pages of history, you fill see the names of  gazillion, of  muslim warriors.

Following the foot steps of our ancestors, our nation has also created numberless Soliders who sacrifice their lives for their motherland.Even Pakistan came in to being after the massacre of million of muslims, Myriads of people gave up their lives ,homes and every thing for Pakistan and then finally after a long suffering and privation they were able to acheive a independence on 14th Augest 1947.

Its 6th September ,The day known as defense day of Pakistan.celebrating this day is paying tribute to our national heroes who defended our country from our foe India during the war of 1965, and remembering Kargal heroes and showing them gratitude.

Well taking a bullet in heart and head ,lying down under the enemy tank and blowing your own self with the bomb and Sacrificing your life is not a piece of takes a lot of courage , bravery and Obviously  faith in ALLAH.
And dont ya dare to call them dead people, as Quran says
“(And say not of those who are killed in the way of Allah, “They are dead.” Nay, they are living,). Surah Al Baqarah 2:154)

sacrificing a life for the sake of ALLAh, is well defined by allama iqbal in his stanza
“shahadat ha matloob-e-maqsoode momin
na mal-e-ganemat na kishwar kishai “

In the end i will say , salute to Pak Army.
happy defense day ,
Pakistan ZIndabad !



  1. Nice post. And A salute to the martyred…
    Heart aches to hear about the young and able soldiers dying fer virtually nothing past year and months. The idiotic wars waged because of the politicians…

    Heart is full with respect and pain..

  2. there is no option of liking a comment on wordpress otherwise i would have liked ur comment 😛 .
    actually there was a time wen i also wanted to join Pak army but then i got confused. is it kool to be killed by a brain wash muslim ? and is it right to kill a muslim ? so many questions were on ma mind and still i couldnot find my answers .
    thanx 4 the like and your comment !

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