She Wolf

Some people believes in ghosts,witches,and horrifying evil spirits.Like them i grew up watching ware-wolf dramas,movies and playing video games in which the main character is the ware-wolf, so i start believing that ware-wolf are for real .

One night , gusts of wind were blowing,it was probably one of the winter nights in November.The streets were empty and dark.Every one was in its shelter.Only the dogs were out there for the march.I was in my room listening songs.Suddenly my favorite  track start playing “She-Wolf (by  shakira) “. Suddenly i got the adrenaline rush,My heart start pumping as if it was tune up to that track.And when the song said
“there’s the she-wolf in the closet , Let it out so it can breath”
I got the goose bumps as well.I was excited too, as my dream to see a she-wolf was just few steps away from me.I got up, first I put my ears on the closet , so I can hear the she-wolf  breathing, but I forgot to plug off my head phones so I couldn’t hear any thing.Then I ran off to bring a Stethoscope,from the other room and placed it on the closet and tried to listen the breaths.but Damn I couldn’t hear any thing,my curiosity grew more and i wonder what if Stethoscope are not made for hearing the breaths of she-wolf. Finally I counted to 3 and opened up the closet.crap! nothing was there. Shakira lied to me that ” there is a she-wolf in the closet, let it out so it can breath”. How can she lied to me ? bitch :@. then i thought yeah she can lie to you after all she is Shakira not hips that don’t lie (another song of Shakira).

Me in a ratty mood closing up the closets,All my aspirations just dash to the ground,With sad heart i laid  down on my couch,but my gaze still on the closet.Turn on my iPod and this time I was listening to “hips don’t lie”.

Suddenly I heard some kind of rattling sound from the closet and it opened up.damn! a she-wolf  just standing in front of me,everything that all I wanted was in front of me.As i was about to touch her , something hit my face and again it hit on the other cheek.
And what was next ??
i woke up, my mom was slapping on ma face and scolding me

“wake up you moron! you are getting late for college ”  .



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