What if Pokemons were for real ??

As we all know power is down these days in most of countries.This power shortage made me wonder,What if Pokemons were for real ?yeah man, whats wrong ?just wonder what world would have been if the Pokemons were not just animations,they were living creatures ?

I guess then every body would have wished for Pikacho as its Pokemon.it would have been the best pet of everyone rather than a dog or a cat.Instead of Dynamo,Electric generators as a Power alternative,Pikacho would have been served to run electric appliances from its thunder-bolt attack.
Instead of Dams,Nuclear Power plants,Solar plants etc Government would have emphasized about increasing the population of Pikacho.In the workshops the mechanics were taught about Pikacho inhabitant,How Pikacho Functions ?
In High Schools,Universities instead of electrons,Columnb’s charges,Engineers were taught about Pikacho’s cell,Pikacho’s tissues.Rather than increasing fuel,gass,oil,petroleum, World would have longed for  “oran berrys” as it is Pikacho’s favorite food.

I don’t care if Pokemons are for real or not , but right now i wanna catch a



  1. Every single day of those 13 14 15 year old summer vacations we used to pray, while blasting our fingers and eyes on Game Boy Colour..Sp.. DS… LORD WHY AINT THEY REAL

    I loved the three legendary pokemon of Pokemon Pearl. Jee I will give anything to have them.. After that pokemon went downhill with so many pokemon.. ewo

    Nice post man!

    • waoo , and when i was in 8th grade i used to watch every single episode of pokemon thrice a day. i love the character broke in it , he was like jhoney bravo . always flirting 😀
      and in the pokemons i loved “wabafet” 😀 was the most innocent and stupid pokemon , and ash got crocodile which was a lame on too.
      hey thanx for stopping by and letting me know that you also like pokemons 🙂
      hey do you like “one piece ” ?

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