Face book sucks

I’m just so  sick of  face book.They just keep on changing their layouts and make it boring day by day.I have enough of face book.Face book was supposed to be ban in Pakistan on 6Th October but it didn’t happen . So i banned my self to face book yesterday(deactivated my Account )   B-)   .

“Enough of Face Book, now its time to face my own books .” (Nalaik Panda ) 😀



    • hahaha, actually im a man of my words,nalaik panda is a hero he cant be like that, today my bro asked me that he wants to see a pic of my czn ishtiaq, i activated the account to show him the pic, in the mean time, the power got down and the lights were out 😦 and when the lights came back n 2 hours, dewi sis have posted 2 wall posts, mailed a inbox, and so did other friends, and then i got confused what to do 😦
      neway thanx 4 stopping by and making fun of nalaik panda huh 😛

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