God creation is better than mankind creation

Steve job died 3 days ago.Ever since then he had been all over the media,and now he is getting on my nerves.if  I visit facebook every other post is about him.if i am reading blogs every other blog is related to him.What if he is dead? everybody has to die.Thousand of people die everyday, zillion of  people have been killed everyday in Plastine , Iraq, Afghanistan,Kashmir,etc world is not worried about them.Countless people starved to death.So what if he is dead ? he didn’t die due to poverty.And why youare feeling sad over his death ? did he give you Apple i phone for free ?:P Well here are the few things that makes Apple better than Apple(iphone) . 1.You cannot eat Apple i -phone when you are starving 😛 .

2.What if Apple i phone had fallen on newton’s head instead of Apple ? well then,either he had been got wounded or else he would have not thought about gravity,and ran away with i Phone ,Screaming ” mummy! look i got  a Apple i-phone ” and then there would be no laws governing physics.and world would be the same like old ages.

3.Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well both apples a day keeps the doctor away.But i prefer the fruit one.and if you buy the i phone daily of course it will keep you away from the doctor beacuse  you will have zero money to pay the  doctor fee 😛

4.if you break yours girlfriend heart and she breaks your iphone.you will curse steve job for it .

5.Apple i phone never grows on trees 😀 . if it would so ,then monkeys be using twitter, face book and other social networks , and then there would be no difference between you and a monkey 😛

6. You cannot play throwing catches with i- Phone .

7.Apple i-phone consumes energy , well on the other hand Apple gives you energy 😉 So the Point is with no doubt  ,God creation is better than mankind creation.i wonder if steve was alive and after reading my post, he would have  thought about implementing these facts on his invention to make it better. but sorry im too late Steve , now rest in peace 😛



  1. Hehhee… weekday morning and that too in boring office…when u read such funny stuff…it really makes ur day…thanks for such a lovely stuff. I’m sure I’m gonna think about it whole day and will keep on laughing….

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