When a Life gives you Lemon…

Starting up your day by waking up at 6am.Getting ready for the university.Took a shower,ate a breakfast,and then you watched the clock and dang it’s almost 7am.you just left the house in a rush.On the way you found out,you forgot your specs on the table,but now you cannot went back to home because you had a bus to catch.But when you reach the bus stop, you just missed it from few mins,and you see it went by in distress.

Then you are lucky that you brought  enough of money to hire a cab, and you reached your university,repenting for nothing.When you reached there,you hade an exam starting up at 9am and you hade one hour left.You have a chat with your fellas,and discussed topics relating to the paper with them,and you found out that the topics you prepared for the exam are excluded one,and you kept saying to your self be cool ,be cool,Bee cool not you” .

At 9am you enter the examination hall,take the question paper and start solving calculus numerical s,You searched in your bag for the calculator, and damn! you slap your self  that in a rush  you forgot your calculator on the table too.And you say to your self that
“waoo,no calculator,bravo ! An engineer in a calculus paper with out a calculater,is just like a fish with out water ” .

But still you  madee another fail attempt to boost your self ” Come on Farhan,water is for fish,you are a mermaid you can survive without water(that is literally calculator here)  ” .
Few mins later a guy came to you to say” hey you are sitting on my chair,check out this roll no list,it says im suppose to be sitting here” .And the invigilator notices you and says “Now you have violated the exam rules,sitting on some one’s chair, comes in cheating, so the board will take an action against you”
For screwing up, this time you said to your self ” You aint Cool,you are a fool”.
After an hour,your exam got finished and you had to get ready for another Exam that would start in couple of hours and in which you waste 30minutes writing this blog.Your mother calls you and asks “how was the calculus paper ? ” and guess what ? the cell Phone  battery gets low,just like “flo rida song, shorty got low low” and the Phone disconects.In a mean while you missed Zohar prayers.
Your exam started  at 2pm,as you wasted whole month sleeping during the “Programming” lectures,so you were unable to answer any thing in the exam and remained silent .and said to your self “ if silence speaks more than the words? then why it is not speaking from my side in the paper :@ ” 
You came home at 5pm.sat on a dinning table for the lunch,and you saw that your mom has cocked “vegetables ” which you never like to eat.You Have physics paper tomorrow which tells  you that are stuck in a rut.

At night before going to bed you just complete your blog and day by saying

“When life gives you lemons suck out all of the vitamin C and yell “EAT THAT, LIFE!” 😀 



  1. well this scene hapend with us nw on every exam day 😀
    btw wax funny dat u gave ua calculas paper without calculator ..
    honestly speaking , 2 day ago i wax giving my calculas paper nd u knw wot ??
    my calculator wax wid her 😛 in her bag nd i wax givin my paper wd out it 😛

  2. Hahaha I’m literally rolling on the bed laughing Lol. My! My! What a wonderful experience! Reading this post I couldn’t but stop thinking just how similar the two of us are when it comes to writing exams. Lol I’m also just like u, another worthless student who wastes all the precious time doing everything else except studying ;p And up until now I thought I was all alone in this world. But I was wrong. The events of ur day have just proved that there’s at least another one soul out there who is as good a student as I am ;D Hope u get good results just like me ;p

  3. Remember to put some sugar with the lemon ;).
    In Indonesia we have a saying… “Nasi sudah menjadi bubur” (“Rice has become porridge”), which means we cannot rewind what has been done.
    And then later on people add on to this saying “…Buat jadi bubur spesial” (“… make it a special porridge”) 😀
    Even though we can’t rewind what has happened, but we can learn from it and improve our life for the better in the future :D.
    Thanks for this post.

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