Bangash the Monster And Nalaik Panda

Before i start this post ,lemme tell you that “Bangash the monster” is not the scary,filthy evil character from the horror movies, he is a real person,worse than a Villon in Pashto and Punjabi movies. “Bangash” is our physics Professor.
Physics used to be my most favorite subject,even though at the start i was not good at physics, in 8th grade when the 1st time i  gave physics exam i failed it by obtaining 29%marks,but later on my bro helped me with physics and in the annual exams ,the physics that i failed was the subject that i passed with 95% marks.And ever since then Physics was my favorite subject.
All science is either physics or stamp collecting (Ernest Rutherford).

It all started from our very 1st day in the university probably, 7th september.
we had our physics class, and “Bangash” introduced him self in the class as our physics Professor,his 1st class was the introduction in which he said ” you are all lucky that you are here in fast university because in Islamabad fast the students die to get admission there, and I’m also lucky that im teaching here in fast because I have done M. Phil in physics, while fast standard for physics professors is PhD,his 1st  impression on  us was good but  that changed very soon , yep “All that glitters is not gold ” .when we had a 3rd class with Bangash, he scared us, not scared us like the scary ghosts in the horror films,he scared us with Physics numerical,which were unable to solve,and made me sobbed “ Mommy I don’t wanna learn physics any more 😥 ” and ever since then Bangash is like a “ogre “.because when ever we were able to solve a problem,instead of appreciating he said” that is not the right solution, you have violated all the physics laws there ” . well over sorrows reached infinity when we had a physics paper on 12th October.when I 1st read the Question paper i felt that i had read some magical spell that had made me cry,believe me Bangash is also a wizard, whose physics numerical are like a magic spell that will take away smile from you face.In his 1st class after the exam he discussed “physics paper with us and said that if you have any difficulty while solving a paper , feel free to ask . A guy named “shoaib” stood and asked “sir! how to solve the question no 1st?”.on that Bangash said” you stupid , moron! you dont even know how to find a force ? :@ all you had to do, was to find the electric field and then you could have easily solved it ,stupid :@ ” .and then he said ” any one else who have difficulty relating to the paper ? just feel free to ask ” 😀 lolz .and  you can imagine who had dared to ask him a question after that ?
Now its time that Nalaik Panda (me) should stand up and speak for the rights of students,  Nalaik panda gonna take revenge, will break his magic spells.i will penture the tires of his car,grrr don’t know the real spelling of “penture” ,now i get the correct spellings,yeah I will “puncture” the tires of his car, and you if you are reading this post, please keep your mouth shut and donot tell the readers you corrected my spellings :P. I will make Bangash suffer,like i made my principal in college, yeah he messed with me, so i decided to take revenge from him, i spited on my hand and then shake the same hand with him 😛 here is the video
Now Bangash I will do the same with u 😛 buhahahahaha

Nalaik panda is wondering what if Bangash reads out my blog ?
he will say ” 1st you used to violate the laws of physics, now you violated the laws of blogging too ” 😀



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