Aloo Anday

Yesterday I was scrolling through fb and my friend tagged me in the song. I wondered what would be so special about it that knowing I don’t listen to songs any more, he tagged me in it. Yeah he tagged me in the video “Aloo anday ” .
” Aloo anday” is a song,the song of every heart in Pakistan, i guess,But no one ever sing it before.Its another patriotic song, after Shehzad roy’s “laga rah”.
The song “Aloo anday ” is sung by a band name ” Beygairat birgade”, well as the name is funny so is their 1st song.The song is  becoming a superhit, with the viewers of “60000” in 2 days. it’s a remarkable figure for a band appearing out of no where . As the song, the video also points out political bodies “PPP”,”Muslim league “,”tahreke Insaf” and some loopholes in our society .
The video also leaves the question in the mind of the audiences .
Is that video really sponsored by “Zionists ”  ??
At the end of the video , it says ” if you want a bullet in my head, then like this song ” 😀 lols

well folks if you haven’t listen this song , then enjoy it and if you have listened it before I know you gonna listen it one more time 😛 just like I am doing it now.



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