Live every day of your life like its Friday :)

For us Muslims essence of Friday is something else.Friday,Friday nights are not about throwing parties,having sex,drinking etc. Friday is  about commemorating the Birth of human,the 1st human being
“Adam (P.b.u.h)”.Friday is about knowing the purpose of our existence. It’s about Thanking the God of all heavens and earth for creating us,and making us best of among all his creations.

” We have indeed created man in the best of moulds (95:4) “Quran .

Friday is about promoting love,peace,unity,brother hood,affection among human beings. Taking up shower,cutting the nails,brushing teeth,Wearing neat cloths and scents /perfume,it’s just the best way of celebrating the birth of human.And after   getting proper dressed up heading towards the Masjid to attend jumma prayers .

“Juma`h 62:9] O People who Believe! When the call for prayer is given on(Friday) the day of congregation, rush towards the remembrance of Allah and stop buying and selling; this is better for you if you understand.”Quran.

When millions of muslims Gathered at masjid for jumma prayers it promotes brother hood.Then after the prayers muslim make dua(supplication) for the peace and harmony throughout the world.And after making up prayers heading towards daily life routine to do job,duty/labor etc.

” Juma`h 62:10] And when the prayer ends, spread out in the land and seek Allah’s munificence, and profusely remember Allah, in the hope of attaining success.”Quran.

From hadiths we also learn that one should read sureh jumma and sureh Kahf on Friday.

here”s just a rap that I made 😉

“Live every day of life as it is Friday ”
as i woke up,every where I see shine,sparkle and glow
i got the feeling,that today is gonna be a good day
i just checked out the calendar,and yeah Its a “Friday”
Pray 5 times a day,
keeps the sheetan away
hey hey !
Am i gonna miss friday prayer ? no way !
Im gonna make wishes all day
i wanna pray, pray ,pray,
Pray whole day
unless ALLAH throw all my problems away
if every day was Friday
my life would be easy
After taking up the shower,
dressing up,im heading to the masjid before an hour
reciting Darood shareef all the way
In masjid,i listen to Speaker,what every he say 🙂
after the prayers,i smile to my muslim brothers
as it is equal to paying the charity 🙂
Im’a live every day
Of my life,like it is Friday 🙂



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