The Other side (we expect to eat chicken while we are cooking eggs)

Nusrat  Bhutto has died yesterday, and a national holiday has been announced because Nusrat Bhutto had made so many sacrifices,With out her this nation would not be on their feet,She had been through so many hardships and privations that even our Real national hero’s like Allama Iqbal ,Qaid-e-Azam would belittle their effort if you compare it with her struggle, right ?
Thousands of Pakistani die every day in a bomb blast,hundreds of dying regularly due to hunger,gazillion died due to dengue virus,but nobody mourned over their death but when Nusrat bhuto died ,then there is a national holiday.because she belonged to a real Pakistani patriotic family who had been living their lives in Dubai,London and cannot even speak in Urdu,never dressed up like a Pakistani do,studying in western institutes,but when they die,they die a death of a hero,their death becomes a cause of a change ( the change that they die for is a holiday).

When Benazier Bhutto got  assassinated then a public holiday was declared because she was a real martyrdom but those soldiers who took bullets in their heads for the sake of country, their national holiday(6th September)  got cancelled.

Had my university today but it got cancelled because Nusrat bhuto died.Now you be listening and watching every other news relating to Nusrat bhuto for a month. because she was the only Pakistani living in Pakistan , living for Pakistan although she died in Dubai 😀 .i am so freaked out since yesterday that im thinking ALLAMA IQBAL was right when he said ,
“a Nation grows in the hands of a poet and dies in the hands of politicians ”

Our politicians are pollution. Come on people open your eyes, you are still eating the same shit, for how long you gonna eat “Aloo anday ” ??
you expect to eat chicken while we are cooking eggs !

In the end i will say “nusrat bhuto, zardari,and ppp khapey ( In hindko language khapey means  “demolition” ) 😀



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