When a life gives you Potato and eggs :S

Probably a week ago i wrote a post,where I  discussed that what you should do when a life gives you lemon ?
https://nalaikpanda.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/when-a-life-gives-you-lemon/ ,
but this time its change.Because this time im gonna write and  ask what should I do? when the life is treating me with potato and eggs.
They say take life seriously because no one gets out alive, but im taking it more seriously after the following incident happened to me.

it all started a week ago,With a release of a super hit song
“Aloo anday(potato & eggs )” .Which starts like “meri maa ne banaee aloo anday ”
“my mom has boiled potato ,eggs ” (translation). I got so fascinated by the song that I keep on singing the 1st lines of the song all the time,while practicing calculus,eating,going to bed,even still singing while writing this post 😥 (I wish if that happens with my enemies they wont ever smile again ).
A few days ago my mom heard me singing the following lines of the song that I mentioned, and wondered may be  her son wants to eat “aloo anday( potato & eggs ) ” .And dang ! here you go. Yesterday when I got home from university and asked for the lunch my mom served me  with “aloo anday(potato & eggs) ” ,and a big smile was on her face . I gave her watery smile to keep her heart ,while in the reality I wanted to punch ” beygarait bridage (the band who sung the song ) “.

Now folks I’m ending the post with a question ,
What would you do ? when a life gives you potato and eggs ?



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