When a life gives you lemon in winter

Well things have changed this time.This time it’s totally a new situation.Winter has already started.its raining daily and at night its cold here. But one thing has not changed for sure, Yeah! life,it is still treating me with lemons.
It all started on Saturday,When I submitted money for the university trip.The next day we had to reach campus at 6:00 am .Some how I managed to reach there on exact time but the members who managed the trip were not there. They reached university at 7:30am.And finally our journey started almost at 8:00am. I though that the lightning never struck the same place twice,but I was wrong,The seniors called us on the front seats and did our raging .When I reached Ayubia I felt amazing,Ayubia is the only place where you can see flying squirrels .

On pipeline track  I Had time of my life ,with my friends .One of my friend tried to make me a call but “my cell keep giving me hell ” and I couldn’t answer any of the call all the way.

When i reached home at 2am after having a lot of fun with friends, I had feelings that tomorrow I had to suffer the consequences of staying awake for so long. So I wasn’t able to  attend university on Monday as I got fever and sore throat.

On Tuesday when I reached university at 9am , I came to know that i had to submit English assignment which was”to write a report ” till 10am,plus had to do Calculus assignment and also had to prepare for the calculus quiz.
when i heard this i felt like the forests of lemon trees had fallen on me, and i could not  even make lemonade of  it and drink it, due to sore throat, flu and fever and plus its winter.



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