Eid Mubarak !

Assalamo Alikum,Eid mubarak to all of you . The one thing i love about Eid’s is that you can go skitzo and give a hug to every one, to the stranger,to a friend ,to a foe and can start a free hugs campaign and Going to grave yards ,praying for the souls that aint with us any more. (” dear grand mom! I miss you  a lot,i don’t know how many Eids dol I have to spend without you ” ).
Then after Eid prayers,sacrificing an animal and distributing its meet among poor, helpless people,Friends, neighbors,relatives to promote love,peace ,brotherhood, humanity and harmony.
Before you slaughter your animal and make a sacrifice, do not forget to hug it 😛
Happy Eid to all the muslim world 🙂

Note: when you party ,party like a rock star,
and when you eat on Eid,Eat like a dinosaur B-)



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