Confusion of a Nalaik Panda :S

Love Vs Studies 

Adolf Hitlor said “Do war but don’t do love ,because in War either you die or ya stay alive but in Love neither you die nor you stay alive “

And my Laziness says to me  ” if you remove  stu-  From Studying then it becomes dying , so studying is like dying but not getting death ” 

So my confusion is , which one is worst ?
Studies or love ? :S
Grrrrrrrrr, it’s so complicated :/



  1. han g , nerds are not practical people they are just bunch of losers 😛
    listen steve job wasnt a toper, neither bilgates nor our president zardari, but they have much better future than nerds 😛
    so be a nalaik panda and rule the world B-)

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