Nalaik Panda the Liebster Award Winner

Ayo the Kingdom of  WordPress how ya all doing ? umm i was away for almost a week because  midterm exams were going on and i had to stay away from internet not because i was busy in studies , because if i stay away from net my parents think that i am taking interest in studies 😛 Well Studies and Nalaik Panda( me) are two fast friends like tom and jerry .
A week  ago two of my  friends Pakistani  boy   and The Tale of my heart gave me Liebster Award and i had exams going on so I couldnot thank them .So shall we start the Liebster Award Ceremony ?
The curtain rises , the crowd jumping out of their seats, and throwing roses at my feats . (standing ovation and noise of clapping every where ) me now holding the mike ” ahem Ahem ! please enough of clapping ,now lemme speak .opps that was me who was clapping ” ( me looking in the mirror and coming back to reality 😀 ) .


I just want to thank them for giving me this award,Teri meharbani guys ., im honoured by them as this award means a lot to me , though i donot even know ,what does Liebster Award means ? Now please don’t try to tell me its meaning because as long as i donot know its meaning it is precious to me , yeah my Precious 😉 . I also want to thank my friend Purpule Daffodil for introducing me to WordPress, teri bi meharbani (thanx 2 u as well ) 😛
Before i present you the Award winners of my today’s ceremony , i would like to tell you that the winner should follow the following tasks.
1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

2.You should also chose your nominations and give them the award .

3. if you are a student then you should stay away from studies and try to live a life-like a Nalaik Panda B-)  ( ME ) . should  count the number of water molecules in the Arabian Sea

5.Just donot skip the task no 3 and 4 😛

Now people catch your breath  ,because im going to announce the 7  winners of tonight ceremony .


2.Thaanie CheesePuff

3.Hanna Wilbur’s

4.I wish ____ was my dad 

5.Spoiled Wali 

6.Mind and Beyond 

And the Final one
7.Nalaik panda (Myself ) 😀
Special thanks to Becoming bitter for telling me how to link people on wordpress 😉  teri bi Meharbani 😛




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  2. Thank you for visiting my sight! After you came back the second time I had to come check you out! Love the post. Congrats on the award! I, too, am a student heading into the final two and a half weeks of the quarter. So, I have to go study and work on final projects. Hope to see more of you. Take care and study well! 😉

    • it your site is kool B-)
      thanx 🙂 and congrats to u too , lol seem like we both got that award in the same week 😛 Hi 5 😀
      im a student having my final exams soon at the end of december , and now a days busy with my assingments so cudnt read more of ur posts,
      would like to see you there 🙂
      and best of luck with ur projects 🙂

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