Tomorrow Never Comes

Shakespeare Said
 “we always work for making better tomorrow ,When the tomorrow comes ,instead of enjoying we start thinking for better tommorrow ,
Tomorrow never comes ...! “

The life of Shakespeare was just like Nalaik Panda(worthless student /me) ,because everyday i say ” i will study tomorrow” but when the tomorrow comes, instead of studying , i just surf on net ,watching u-tube,facebooking,wordpress,twitter or go sleeping ZZZZZzzzzzzz ,but that tomorrow never comes 😀



  1. Your by-line says ‘worthless student’ – that is sad indeed.

    Everyone has a worth…sometimes it takes time to mine that worth – the most glorious diamonds are those resting deep within the bowels of the earth.

    Go to the park with one sheave of notes – leave the laptop behind…who knows…I wish every success.

  2. you are very right. tomorrow never comes.

    i promise myself “i will finish all these papers by tomorrow” …
    and when I wake up after a crashed 3 hrs of sleep for another day
    i find tomorrow is yet to happen … so again i promise myself
    “i will finish all these papers by tomorrow”
    i blog, i facebook, i chat, i read and write aimless stuff
    and crash 3 hrs of sleep with aching eyes and wake up for another day
    and i still find that tomorrow is the following day… 🙂

    • hahahahaha same happens with me, i have exams starting up from 4th january and my gpa is going below average 😛
      and to get some good grades i should start studying but dont have time for studies, but do have time for bodybuilding, watching dramas, u tubing,facebooking,twitter,wordpress,chat and sleep 😉

  3. Although I can relate to what you say (I’ve been there…putting things off)….Please don’t call yourself worthless. You are destined for great things! Just look at your blog! I learned about the football game between Barcelona and Real Madrid from you! 😉 Keep up the good work!

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