World war 3 the El CLasico

El Clásico
  , is the name given in football to a match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. It is contested twice a year in the Spanish La Liga competition.

The rivalry comes about as Madrid and Barcelona are the two largest cities in Spain, and the two clubs are two of the richest, most successful and influential football clubs in the world. FC Barcelona have 72 trophies, Real Madrid 74 – Athletic Bilbao comes third with 32 trophies.

The Match between madrid and Barcalona is like a World War 3. Every time when there is a match between Barcalona and real madrid the friends turns into greatest foes.Over the past 4 years the Barcalona is winning from  Madrid but this time they are saying things will be change.
Tonight its again the World war, yeah the El-Classico. The match will start at 2am according to Pst ,im so excited cant wait any more for the match to start,Only 3 hours are remaining .Im with my team Barcelona  , who’s side you are with ?Messi or C7(ronaldo )  ? are you supporting  pep guardiola or Joseph Marino? Barcelona or real Madrid ?



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