Mark Sucker Bug !

Now a days there is a virus which is spreading and sharing, Adult/erotic Pics and links on every one’s Face book wall by the name of its face book users. Every one is being sick of it and Apologizing to his friends for the things he/she had  never done. Ayo guys ! why you people are sorry ?  Listen , use your brain.Remember !we people made Mark Zuckerberg rich and we can make him devastate too.
Here I have some solutions .
1.just go to the court and sue him , if you are a girl and you have been the victim of the virus, sue him that you were straight and by this virus my friends start thinking that Ima homo , and mark Zuckerberg brought damaged to my status.
2. if you are a boy and you had suffer the consequences of this virus , just sue him in the court that  you were gay and due to this virus my gay community friends broke up with me and now they think Ima straight 😀
3. the Last solution. it’s for every one, every user . just update it as your status  ” dear Mark SUcker bug ! if ya can’t provide security to us and can’t stop this virus until tomorrow , im warning ya  Ima deactivate ma account, else start posting other links like that because im sick of seeing one
Naked pin-up  from past one week 😛 “



  1. This virus doesn’t really spread unless you click on on of these links, so unless you got excited about seeing x rated stuff about your friends, you won’t be having this problem. There are other games also which spread this virus, like false apps.

  2. Hey ……I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! It’s because I think you are an awesome writer.
    Check out my site for the Rules (although I think you already have the award so you know…right?) 😉

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