Insomnia Of Nalaik Panda

Grrrr.. My Insomnia,it Loves me, never leaves me, even now at 1am im feeling sleepless ,even sleeping pills wont make me feel sleepy, but like usual,while im attending lectures, my Insomnia will run away 😀
Because lectures/studies  to me are like bed time stories  😉 .
Words of Nalaik Panda  “nend ke peche mat bago, parhai ke peche bago , nend khood aee gi 😀 ”  (translation )

“don’t try to get sleep,try to do some studies, you will get sleep 😉 ”



  1. i liKe the image very much. reminds me of ME when i was in Uni 🙂
    sure sleeps like to catch up when your nose in those books 😉

    good luck … i guess you need to spend your whole day studying.
    that way you’ll hopefully get at least few minutes of study and
    an ample amount of much needed sleep 😀

  2. Your post reminds me well of my time in college. The droning on of a prof’s monotonous voice….the crowding of the students, making the room warm; boring classroom movies where the lights get turned out. Lots of sleepers taking advantage of those times! Hard to fight those eyelids when they want to shut! Good luck on your exams….but I know you will do well. 😉

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