Sorry Qauid-e-Azam

its 25th December, the Birth of a Legend , who carved the map of the history and gave us the Free land , yeah Pakistan .
you are my mentor , i remember your words, your sayings, sometimes when i feel down i try to remember one of you saying
“Momin kabi Mosibat se nahi ghabrata ” Translation  .
” a Believer never gets worried from troubles ” .

But this time i wanna take my time out to say you sorry for the things you had done for us, Sorry man that you gave us the freedom which we never deserved, we never respect you from heart, for us you are only our hero on independence day and 25Th December, sorry that you used to stay awake for this nation which not even appreciates your efforts .
Happy birthday man, i just wish if ALLAH puts some love for you in this
self-centered Nation’s heart , so it can find its destiny.
Long live Pakistan .

just shared it from Taimur 😛
awesome song 😉



  1. Well said, you are right, Pakistan is completely nalaik when it comes to remembering and honouring such a great man. I wonder what he would say if he were to see the state of this great nation he did so much for. Probably wonder why he bothered ;(

      • one day we were sleepy in the class,so Sir tried to wake us up by telling this story,while he was telling me the background and date of this event i was sleepy and didnt listen it properly,it was 5 years ago,it starts like,during 1900plus, elections were happening,and all the political parties gathered at lakhnov ,they put their camps there,one night,Iqbal came out of his camp,and at the middle of night he started to stroll,every where was dark,but a light was gleeming from the other end,iqbal followed that light and it was comming from one camp,when he reached there, he saw Muhammad Ali jinnah working out there at that late,he entered and asked him,what are u doing at this late? you must be sleeping like other statesmen are sleeping,on that Qaid-e-Azam said ” the other statesmen are sleeping ,cox their nation is awake but im working here cox my nation is sleeping ”
        after the independence we lost Kashmire but we kept sleeping,then the division of east Pakistan happend but we didnt wake up, i guess we will wake up when this Pakistan will be lost too .
        now i wonder, why Iqbal quoted once
        “let this nation sleep,it may be possibile while sleeping they dream ,dreams about freedom,idependence, and woke up “

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