This is what happens when Nalaik Panda tries to become a nerd

Having a last week at university and then bang the final exams :/ .All this semester i never studied, never did a single assignment by myself,in lab tasks used mail sites and flash-drives to copy programming assignment 😉 .As one week is left so i thought i should take things seriously .And i became determinant to study from now on.
Today when i reached university i had two i went to library the place (where i only go not to study books but to use WiFi as there the signals are full ) for study :/ strange na ? 😀 , i studied there for one hour , did circuit problems, was prepared for the quiz. when i went to the class the circuit Professor Announced that ” your today class has  cancelled , we will arrange that class some other time ” .
i got pissed off , What the Puk :/ , in rage i went to the library , to study physics this time .did some practice on “hall’s effect ” and start to felt calm again. Entered the class, Sat on chair, pens ,pencils were ready , looking at the white board ” yeah give me questions, today im gonna solve them with out using cell phone ” and dang . Sir announced ” today im not feeling well due to flu, so im not gonna take your test ” .

After the class i decided , im better off Being a Nalaik panda, no need to be a nerd.because if i start studying all the teachers will become sick and no class would ever be arranged 😛
so hence once again the day is Saved
thanx to the Nalaik Panda B-)



  1. couldn’t help but LOL 😀
    you are right. You should remain nalaik – at least that way the teachers will not cancel the classes and the other students would not suffer 🙂

    and hey [re the secret … 😉 ] – congrats on that text 🙂
    great work. but you might want to correct the spelling – it should be one J
    not two Js 😀

  2. Hahahaha..What a day you must have had..It pisses off so much when for once, you actually study, and the test is cancelled. True Story 😀
    Lesson learnt from this post: One should never try to be someone one isn’t 😛

  3. lol….Nalaik….you are so funny! I guess you proved your point. You really wouldn’t want to study and start an epidemic of disease amongst your professors….then it would spread to the students….ALL classes would be cancelled, they’d have to close the University. And then you wouldn’t graduate! 😉 Stay out of the library and don’t study so you can keep everyone healthy!! 😉

    • hahahahaha 😀 hey judy two posts back i offically thanked you for nominating me the versatile blogger award 🙂
      lol i cant stay away from the library,cox in libarary the wifi singlas are full 😛 i go there to use fb,google plus 😛 but wont touch books again 😛
      yeah and for that all the students,all teachers and the university should thank me for not studying 😀

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