This is all what Nalaik Panda wants

All i want  in my life is just 6 months vacations , twice a year 😦
Where is that shooting star ? where is that Aeroplane in the night  sky ,of which i can assume as a shooting star and make a wish right now 😦
at least there should be fire bug around me in the dark that can does for a Shooting star because i wanna make a wish right now 😀
( to be honest i dont believe in those things but just want to make a wish 😀 )



  1. too much vacation can turn into a bore…eventually it will turn into everyday (in your case exactly), and then to get a vacation from that you would want to go back to becoming the useless panda student that you were always meant to be…

    the circle of life


  2. So today’s your first day of exams, my Panda friend…. I just know you are doing very well. Or at least I’m sending you lots and lots of bamboo shoots to make you strong for your exams! Bamboo shoots is what Pandas like best! Good luck! 😉

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