Thierry Henry back to Arsenel

Thierry henry is a French Footballer,a tall,dark skinned player.Made his football club carrieramous from Arsenel,where he single handedly made his team won several times and made Arsenel the best club of those times.And played best against Manchester united.Then he became the “Player of the year” for his magnificent performance.

The Free style
Thierry henry not only a great footballer but also best known for his free style tricks.


In 2004 he became a ambassador of Nike and did a funny commercial 😉

Moving to Barcelona

In 2005 Uefa champions league Henry made his team into the finals,where his team defeated by Barcelona .Even though the Arsenel couldnt win the final but Henry’s performance was worth appreciating.

Then in 2007 Barcelona singed Henry, where he  wearing the same
shirt as in Arsenel #14 , remained the most goal scorer for Barcelona several seasons,giving Barcelona a mermaids of Victories.

In 2009 on 9th may, Barcelona played in a real Madrid home ground against their rivals Madrid.Madrid had a advantage of their crowd and they scored in the start of the match.Barcelona got tumble for the moment but  then Henry scored a opening goal for Barcelona and then he scored another one.After that the situation turned in the favor of Barcelona. The match ended by the score of 6-2 with the humiliation for Real Madrid.But unfortunately in that match henry got injured just right after scoring two goals.

New York Redbulls
After the injury henry couldnot make a successful comeback and started to have trouble with the manager.So Red bull New York singed him in 2010 and where he is still playing.

Henry back to home

After training with Arsenal during the MLS off-season, Henry re-signed for Arsenal on a two-month loan deal on 6 January 2012.

Henry Reverting to Islam.
Henry also reverted to Islam in 2008, confirming the news while giving interview to Tv Channels



    • thanx 4 reading it all out 🙂 did u watch the video joga bunito and new skill in the free style section ? if not then must watch it,it will cost u 2 minutes and after watching it u will become his fan too i bet 😉
      actually footballers have a carrier like that, their whole live passes away changing their clubs,But in my life span i have watched two footballers comming back to their club.
      One is cesc Febregas the friend of henry,from barcelona he moved to arsenel become friend with henry there and last year again he came back to barcelona.and 2nd player theiry henry from arsenel to barcelona then redbul and now again arsenel, and there are just two players who are sticking to their clubs for their whole carrier uptil now, they are wayne rooney playing for manchesterunited and Lionel messi plays for barca,messi is serving barca since he was 7 and now he is 24 .
      lol i talk too much about football hehehe

      • OK! I did watch the videos now! He is awesome! Love those fast moves, great footwork! But I was a fan before watching the vids, because I like soccer. It’s so interesting that soccer is soccer in the US, and soccer is football overseas. But we also have football in the US, which is different! I know the difference, but I imagine it can confuse people! Both my son and husband are huge fans and watch the World Cup and regular football matches on TV. My son was in Germany in ’02 and got a chance to see Germany play in the WC, and he doesn’t live far from Kansas City, Missouri, and went to their WC Challenge game last year. He was really hiked to be at those games! My husband played Rugby when his family lived in South America…now there’s a rough game! He was knocked out twice, and his mom said she’d never go see him play again! 😉 Why not talk about football? This is YOUR PAGE! You can talk about what you like! 😉

      • lol yeah idk why that so, may be its british and American language difference, asian mosty speak british may be thats why it is mostlty known as football. waooo in 2002 worldcup i was a kid and i was supporting france since they won the last worldcup but zidane was injured in the 2002 worlcup and france was out in the 1st tornament,then i supported korea as they were the only team who qualifed to the final rounds of fifa from asia, and in finals i was supporting germany cox they got the best keeper ever, yea the Kahn , no one could score a single goal on germany during the whole worldcup since kahn was the keeper, but in the final brazil scored two goals but kahn was nominated as the best keeper of the year for his performance and took retirement. i love that game too ,which u people call football,honestly i dont know about the rules but i love watching football films, like gridin gang,invincible, and the game plan and manyothers which i cant remember by name, waooo i cant believe your hubbi was a rugby player,awesome, rugby is the most difficult game and requires 200 percent fitness to play,i so so wanna play that game but here in Pakistan this game is not so famous 😦

  1. I love watching live football games – especially during world cup.
    But 😆 no clue as to what teams, which players …

    I just cheer the guy that looks hunkiest 🙂

    your thierry henry sounds a bit familiar. Must have heard his name a few times from family and friends.

    And what a tribute you have made for him. men just go bonkers with this stuff ???:D
    it’s no different in any part of the world. all around me I see people losing their sleep to watch football games.

    • aww the worldcup, on every night watching football match i eat a lays family back and drink 1.5 litre pepsi during the worldcups 😀
      yeah cox henry is the one of the best player that france has got,he and zidane made france reach to the finals.
      and he have been the player of the year and not only this he is the ambesedor of unicef ,nike etc,plus he also featured in the concert with Snoop dog 😀
      hehehe and not just this,most of the matchs occures during my exams, and this footbal games also gave me many of best friends 😉

    • lol ..

      soccer/football is fun to watch … but am not crazy about premier leagues.

      give me WC (especially from semi final onwards), African Cup of Nations and European Cup… damn for these three i would go 48 hours without sleep! lol … btw i dont like most of the African players the play in the European clubs, because they dont play well for their home teams in WC as much as they play for the clubs in Europe… that annoys me. 😀

  2. Henry is a good player … i enjoyed those 25 precious goals! 😀 And I tend to support Arsenal normally but am not a loyal fan to any club … I go with the flow … whoever plays well got my support, i take side based on merit lol …

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  4. Oooh La Laa… 😉
    I L.O.V.E Arsenal!

    Actually.. I didnt watch a football game for like a month now…
    Moved to a new house with No Cable…

    They barely show Football Matches.. And when they do.. they dont show official stuff…
    You knw what I mean, right?
    They show the Practices between other Asian countries..
    ( Ex – Bangladesh Vs. Sri Lanka.. )

    Dont ask me.. I supported neither…
    Both ’em suck , yea? 🙂

    Lol.. Imma like talkin’ like this, man! 😀 😛 😀 😛


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