Lionel Andress Messi the Player of the Year for the 3Rd Time

Lionel Andress Messi,also known as Messi or leo Messi is an Argentine Football palyer born on 24th june 1987.Started playing football at very young age.His potential and skills were soon observed by Barcelona scout  who was on a hunt for a talent.At the time of signing the contract,who taught that this little ill kido (suffering growth hormone deficency)  will become the youngest Player of the year three times. In 2000 Messi moved to Spain for the treatment offered by Barcelona and to join his new football team.Making his debut in 2004-2005 he broke his team record for the youngest footballer to score a league goal.And then he started making a history of new records.Uptill 2007 he used to wore 19 number shirt,but sooner he started wearing shirt number 10 ,following the conventenal of football that only the best player in the team will wear no10,this trend started due to Pele the Brazilian player who used to wear no10.After wearing no 10 in 2008 Leo Messi became the Player of the year at the age of 20.More ever he also got the Honour to wear the Same no shirt  from his international Team and also became the captain of Argentina. Well known all over the world for his speed , accuracy,stamina,skills ,runs faster with the ball than the others who runs with out it.Best known for his performance again the Barcelona rivals “Real Madrid” ,the whole madrid cant even stop him and become Hara Madrid(hara means looser in urdu ) from hala Madrid(hala is a spanish word). Well most of the football fans try to compare Messi with C.ronaldo but the truth is C.ronaldo is no match for him,they both have faced each other many times and there is always messi who remained dominant and prominent by scoring goals and on the other hand the Ronaldo has excuses,like they say “the Winners have reasons and the loosers have reasons ” Once Ronaldo said in a press” i was sent by the God of football to score goals” on that Messi said ” i dont remember sending any one ” 😛 On January this 10Th January Messi again Achieved the Player of year and made a record to get this award in three consecutive years Sunday 15th of January,Messi wasnt in his form yet he scored 2 goals. Tomorrow this Wednesday, its gonna be the 1st El-Classico of the year (the match between Barcelona  and their rivals “Real madrid” is known as El-Classico).Wish all the best to  Madrid to stop unstoppable magical Messi.



  1. Nice writing! So tomorrow is the night! The big match between the rivals Barcelona and Real Madrid. Woo hoo! You did a fine job of tackling all the information in this piece, Nalaik! Good work! Messi sounds like an awesome player….as awesome as Pele was?

    • thanx judy 🙂 ur comments always make my day . yeah tonight gonna be the match .Messi he is my inspiration,he is the young player of the year , i still have 2-3 more posts to write on him. before i write them lemme show u why he is awesome as pele

      just imagine scoring a goal like that at the age of 17

  2. yeah messi!!!!!
    thank you nalaik for this lesson on the handsome footballer 🙂

    I used to know only Ronaldo 😀
    now thanks to you fanni! I know Messi and Thierry Henry. I am now ready for the Quiz 😉

    hey still not displaying those lovely awards? sudar jaao yaar 🙂

  3. Wow…he is amazing! Loved that video. Talk about fancy footwork….lots of players would have tripped and been flat on the ground when going through the line of defensive players from the opposing team….but Messi just dances right through them, keeping the ball with him! Amazing agility- and this was when he was 17! Wowza. Thanks for the video, coach!

    • hehehe yeah, and when 3 years back i watched that video i became the messi fan before that i just was a henry and zidane fan but after watching it messi became my most fav player, do u know the same goal was scored by maradona the player from argentine just like messi, and his goal was declared as the goal of the century , he made that goal in worldcup, in 19th century and now its messi scoring the same goal in 21th century, i bet at the end of century this goal will also be declared as the goal of century 😉
      hehehe thanx dj 😀

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