History repeats its self, The Messi-dona

They say history repeats its self and i never believed in thatuntil i saw
Lionel messi.Messi the Argentine player is exactly following the same footsteps of the famous fifa legend Dieogp Maradona.
Lets take a quick review at both Players .

1. Maradona was born in Argentine and so did Messi.
2.Both the players look short ,as they both have the same height of 5″5 feet.
3.Messi and Maradona both born to poor families and struggled hard in their lives.
4.Both the players play from their left foot .
5.Maradona served his international team Argentina served  as a captain wearing the 10 no shirt and so is Lionel Messi doing .
6.Both the players have played for Barcelona , wearing the same shirt no 10.
7.During the worldcup Maradona scored a goal in 2nd half, beating all the defenders from the half way he scored the goal,which was declared as the goal of century, later on Messi playing for Barcelona did the goal in same way. take a look by your self

8.In the fifa world cup Final match against England, Maradona made his team won the match ,scoring a goal by his hand (which is consider as a foul ),he called that goal ” the hand of God “, later on Messi few years ago scored the same goal for Barcelona against Esponyal .

9.Both the players have been declared as the best players of their times.
10.Maradona  had also served the argentina as a couch in 2010 world cup and i bet after retirement Messi will do the same.

Maradona is considered to be the world 2nd best player after Brazilian Legend Pele.Maradona ruined his football career when he got involved into drugs,his health detonated and then a time came he left football,but Messi is not getting involved into drugs, so i believe that history  repeats its self with a better change 🙂



  1. wow. You really did your research. All those points where Messi and Maradona were the same. Great work!
    I watched the videos. I thought your hand wasn’t supposed to touch the ball. It looked like he gave it a push. I don’t understand how he can get credited with the goal. The other guy kicked it, and to me, Maradona should have had a foul called on him. Instead he gets the goal??? Please explain Panda!

    Kind of a mean thing to take the goal away from the kicker.

    Great post. I didn’t know Maradona got into drugs. I sure hope Messi stays away….unless he wants to fry his brain!

    • hehehe yeah but i didnt do any research, i have been a fan of both players and saw many things common in between them so thought to make a post of it 😉
      well thats the truth i even also wrote that which is supposed to be a foul in football, well in those times the technology wasnt that advanced, there were no action replys i guess, when he hit the ball with the hand and scored a goal english people appealed to the refree that he touched the ball but unfotrunate was the english side that refree rejected their appeal and considered it as a goal. maradona at that time refused to accpet that he scored it with a hand ,he said he touch his head and scored a goal. but later on the technology got advanced and they saw the action replay and noticed that he did touch the ball with his hand , then maradona accepted that he touched it with the hand and lol infact he said ” i didnt touch it with my hand,it was a Hand Of GOd ” and that goal became famous as ” hand of GOD ” 😀
      and lol as history repeates its self and messi was supposed to be the one who repeates it so he did the same goal in 21 century 😀
      yeah i hope so that he also stays aways from it,

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