Sometimes the Things other than studies can get you marks

Nalaik Panda believes that only studying course books wont help you get all the marks. I remember my Nd mid term circuit paper,didnt study a single word,i was watching Pakistan vs England t20 match  that night and the next day i had a circuit paper.As i spent the whole night watching the match so it was obvious i would screw up circuit paper and yeah i did it well B-)
After two days circuit Professor was Calling each student and checking his paper,When my turn came, he got petrify.Hehe because there are two ways of doing a thing, the right way, the wrong way and The Nalaik Panda’s way 8-).
After checking the paper said “Boy ! you attempted the whole paper wrong,i was only able to give you 5 marks out of 25”
Me: woo! 5 Marks ,kool
Sir: So you are taunting me han ?
Me: no sir, it’s just way too much B-) (because all i wanted was to top. after top is top ,doesn’t matter if it’s from bottom or Above :D)
Sir : What this guy is weird :/ (talking to himself )
ME:you said something to me ?
Sir:never mind,hey kid ! you look like football fan ? dontcha ?
Me:Yes ! im  B-)  ( because i was wearing Barcelona shirt that day )
Sir: Ok ! tell me the name of your shirt club , what is it ?
Me: Barcelona ❤
Sir : thanx God,after checking your circuit paper i thought you are to dump to know about anything in the world, neway tell me who is the best player at Barcelona ?
Me: Obviously ,its Lio Messi 🙂
Sir: ohh ! yeah the player of the year,right ? tell me the Number of his Shirt.
Me: naah! the player of the year from past 3 years B-) ,lol he wears 10 number ,before that he used to wear 19 number.
Sir:ok, tell me the name of any former Barcelona player who is currently playing for other club,
Me: Thiery Henry Playing for Red bull, Eto Playing for Inter-milan, Ronaldinio Playing for Ac-Milan.
Sir: waoo, im glad that i just checked your paper, im also a Fan of Barca and you gave me too much information about Barcelona 🙂
Ok kid , i give you 5 more marks ,but you really need to improve your self in my subject, Next time i wont be kind to you in paper checking,but hey will also love to talk with you about Barcelona 😀

After getting 10 marks outa 25 my ambition to top from bottom get screwed.But yeah one thing, lucky me that he was also a Barcelona fan 😀 ,Visca Barca 😀 Viva La Messi 🙂 .
So the thing is to get marks you don’t have to study your books, All you need to do is to find your Teacher Favourite fifa club, and have to get some information on it B-) . Easier then studying your booing books na ? 😀



  1. you are just impossible 😀
    i am hoping that was not how you got 20% of your marks.
    i am hoping your circuit professor did not really give that just like that
    MEN!!!!! 😀
    football is everything for some 😀

    but to be honest i’m glad you did not fail the paper …
    keep writing your nutty stuff over here to cheer us all 😀

    • hehehe but i did 🙂 lol yeah thats why i love barcelona so so much, i have also another expericened related to barcelona and messi which helped me passed another test 😀 the army test 😀 lol in mid 2 after this thing i was 4 marks below the average , then i just studied one day for the final and the circuit in which i thought im gonna fail it i passed it with 3.3 gpa 😀

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