7 Things Common in Johny Bravo and Nalaik Panda

.” Dog… donkey… Well, they both start with the letter “N”
yeah ,Panda and Johney bravo never make any Spellings Mistake B-)
2. Good Physic
Jhoney and Panda are too much obsessed with keeping their good physic ,so we  go to gym regularly but not to school B-)

3.Always have Shades on
Velma: My glasses! I can’t see without my glasses!
Johnny Bravo: My glasses! I can’t be seen without my glasses!
Yeah johny Bravo wears Rayban #3362 and Panda wears Rabyan Wayfarer
4.Hauba hauba Hauba
When Johney Looks at the chicks he says ” hauba hauba hauba  and Panda says “Touba touba :p “
5. Most Intelligent Person
We both are the Most Intelligent persons B-)
Gorgeous woman: What kind of idiot are you?
Johnny Bravo: I don’t know, what kinds are there?
6.Care about Hair
” Don’t touch the hair! ”
1st thing that we do in the morning, put some gel on Hairs .
7.Both gets the Chick
Panda and Johny bravo but gets the Chick , doesn’t matter if it is a hen after all chick is a chick 😛
THanx for reading it out, now lets do the MOnkey :P :D
 Wohh ! Mamma :P


  1. I thought got were going to talk abt Johnny depp 😆

    But anyway
    The resemblance between panda and bravo are just too great. Touba touba is as good as their intelligence level 🙂

    Another great post 🙂

  2. I love this! lol
    Great story with cartoon people!
    I like the resemblance between you and Johnny Bravo….the muscles…the glasses the hair? No school? lol You are too funny, Panda.

  3. awsum tu hoga hi na.. akhir ik hawt bachi ne jo dia tha.. 😀 no its nt lovers type it was a girly thingi.. 😛
    yeah wat else.. 😛 kuch or krnay ko hi ni tu concentrting on hairs des day.. 😛
    kuch achay hotay hai sb nhi.. c m an honest persn i dnt lie 4 good.. 😀
    u r d one who strtd breaking mine so its pay back time.. :@ 😛
    hehehe no i dnt know abt ur net..

    • dont make me laugh here , lol hawt bachi k name per daba mat lagao 😛 lol still rofl on u sayin ur self hawt bachi 😀 haha 😛
      yeah u r an honest person who dont lie for good, who just lie only for bad 😦 😛
      badla lo gi ?
      aur when did i break ur cute heart ? 😀
      btw ohh mamma 😛 wanna do the monkie with me ?

      • ohh m sorry i didnt kno k abi tk teeth brush ni kiye ap ne.. c u stink.. 😀 nd me ne kb khud ko hawt kaha..?? ;/
        thnkx 4 calling me an honest persn.. heehehe
        i lie wen i want to save my own tail.. 😀
        naahh badla lena muje ni ata na hi kisi nalaik panda ne sekhaya muje.. 😀
        ahhh history utha k dkh lo pata chal jay ga k kitni baar nd kaisay break kia.. 😛
        how abt u do d monkey nd i’ll KICK UR ##### 😛

      • lol ok ni kaha ho ga hawt 😛 shukar ha ke khud samajti ho u r not hawt 😛
        i guess i already called u a beautiful liar somewhere 😛
        Nalaik panda tu innocent ha, wo khud kuch ne sekh sakta wo tumhe kaise sekhae ga 😛
        history ? 😀 acha tum batao kab kia me ne aisa ?
        yeah i know im like jhoney bravo i will do the monkey and gals gonna kick my ass , what a miserbale life i have 😦 no one adores me 😥

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