Exams are Like a Battlefield

We students are like Warriors, no not warriors, infarct the Gladiators, who are being used by the royal ones (teachers) for their entertainment.Exams are like battlefields and subjects that we study  are the worst cunning and filthy foes which we  wrestle at the Battlefield of exams.

For a true Gladiator there are two possibilities, either he dies while fighting with dignity and becomes a martyr (Literally which means he fails the subject) ,else he stays alive while slaughtering the opponent and becomes a survivor ( which means he passes the exam ) ,whether he dies or survives ,student is always a hero . Now i wonder why they said ” history is written by the blood of martyrs  and the ink of students in the exams ” 😛

But still screw the modern era ,yeah man ,living in 21st century but still students are being treated like gladiators just like in early times of Rom,The world human rights must give it a notice.

The purpose of this post was to tell “Jordan Sparks” that “Love” is not the only thing that is like a “Battlefield ” , exams are way  more than a Battlefield.

By the way folks .your fearless Gladiator”Nalaik Panda”who fights with out any weapon ( literally which means without studying),  is now left with 6 hours  to face his Grinch foe ” Circuit  Analysis” in the Battle Field of Examination hall . So now let me prepare for it , nah not by studying, by sleeping 😛
Goodnight 🙂



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