When the life gives you lemon Part two “Ftw “

Why are you Late ? the voice like a angry Spartans entered my head ,i became a statue there for a moment ,closed my eyes and with deep breaths i began to think how did i get late this time ?

And it all started yesterday night when a hour before the Champions league semi final match my foot nail nailed off and it didn’t hurt that much. i had two options, either study for the tomorrow paper or watch the match that just came after 3 years .And this time it hurted me when i wasted almost 2 hrs watching my team lost the match. After watching Barcelona defeat i tried to sleep at 2am.the next day at 6am when i got up i prepared my self for the university and when i reached the bus stop i figured out that i just missed my bus and this feeling was more hurting then the Barcelona defeat and nail injury.Neway i caught a local bus and start a journey to my destination.I  was panicking and txting my 3rd Face book wife Tammy and he said to me”he don’t worry ,you will reach there on time and hey you can write a part 2 of your post ( when a life gives you a lemon)” and i thought for a while yeah man ,what an idea sir ! . in the mean team when i was panicking my  wing man Fawad starts sending the boring texts that i normally don’t like to read it didnt hurt me until my cell memory  filled up with those boring texts and my phone got stuck .finally i made it to the university at 8:30am instead of 8am.and then i entered the examination hall .
yeah man that’s  how i get there , i was lost in my thoughts  but suddenly the angry voice like a Spartans again echoed my head and the processing process came to an end due to the intruption.
I opened my eyes , looked at the invigilator  and the whole examination hall and then to explain how i get late , i took off my sneakers and socks to show the world my  Foot’s middle  finger. yeah
FTW .when the life gives you lemons and you already have so many .

Part 1 of the story “When a life gives you Lemon ….



  1. i got totally lost in that story 😛
    i guess it’s better to follow blindly …. 😀
    I see that you have managed the widget closet quite well … who did you bribe?!!!! 😛

  2. Nalaik…..you are a good storyteller! I liked your story! But…..did the professor let you take the exam? I’ll bet you got excellent on it, knowing you! I’m glad I’m back and can read your good stuff again. Barcelona lost? grrr…

  3. lol yeah he just let me gave it, cox he knew im a Nalaik panda 😛 even if i give the exam its the same if im not giving it 😛
    yeah Barcelona lost 😦 but happy cox they lost it in the semi finals, but they won it last year, and lost in semi finals before the last year , and won the finals 3 years ago, so barca is still the world best team 🙂
    many sad things happen after barcelona lost, their 4 years old coach announed retirement after the lost 😦
    and we all gonna miss him badly 😦

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