A Demon in the Heaven

Almighty Allah has blessed Pakistan with many beautiful places, and Kashmire which is known as heaven on the earth ,is one of them.On 5th the may, the Demon’s King aka Nalaik Panda decided to visit heaven with his university trip.
The road to heaven is pretty amazing, the Kotli road that will lead to the Kashmire is full of green mountains, accompanied by the flowing river.  If you observe them closely these mountains will resemble the Holly wood .

Well after going through the HollyWood and entering hajira District, there is a zic zac drive of 6-7km and then you will be able to  watch the  Block buster ” Just like heaven ” live ,with out “knocking on Heaven’s Door ” like “Guns and Roses ”  .There will be no “Reese Witherspoon ” in this movie,but still its way more awesome then ” Just like heaven ” 😛
because you just entered the “Banjosa Lake ” .

And a Demon (Me) in heaven 😛

and you all know what Happens when a Demon enters a heaven, yeah he turns that heaven into the hell 3:-) and those angels living in heaven start following Demon .

Well the beauty of Heaven not ends here, if you make it to the Banjosa Lake, then you must also visit  “Toli Peer ” ,15 km away from Banjosa Lake. The road to Toli Peer is adventurous.zic zac ,breath taking because you will hold it due to two reasons, either you are enjoying the heaven or you peeing inside your pants because you are too scared to bear this journey. Neway after 1.5 hours of journey you will  reach the 11000 ft high mountain “Toli Peer”its the best place ever for hiking and adventure.

you can see the snow flake mountains through toli peer.the Weirdest thing about toli peer is its zic zac ,up and down peaks. each peak you are climbing you will feel its the highest one but when you will reach it you will find out the much higher peak next to it, and it goes on like this, and finally after 1-2 hrs of hiking you will reach the highest peak of toli peer, there is a mosque and tomb at the highest peak of Toli peer.
While having the days of my life at heaven, I was missing my home, my bed and my pillow , Which i cannot sleep with out, so after  2days of trip we finally made our journey back to home .Even thought i have been to heaven,when i got home , i had to say
“there is no place like Home ” ,”yeah the! home sweet  home ” 🙂



  1. wow good to see you enjoyed !
    i want go there too, in sha Allah will go soon !
    this place is heaven on earth , amazing ! thanks for share
    and why you didn’t mentioned about someone you were missing on these days that someone special to you 😛

  2. home definitely is better than any other place.
    but wow … this is a nice post. welldone 🙂
    thank you for sharing kashmir with us.
    the lush green mountains and the gorgeous blue lake with the pine lined reflections… just awesome.
    Now I want to visit Kashmir more than ever 🙂
    it has been on my wish list for quite some time now.
    And now I am regretting cancelling my trip.
    If I have kept to me schedule, I would be in Islamabad now on an official visit
    Had to cancel due to family commitments …
    anyways, I guess I was not meant to be there right now … but Insha Allah, someday soon I wil see the place …. I was so looking forward to see Murree Hills 🙂

    and hey, what are those boys doing to the lake ????!!!! 😛

    • lol yeah home sweet home 😀
      after all its called heaven on earth 🙂
      You should come there , and even i want to go there again and explore the whole kashmire, it just two places that i saw, there are plenty of more natural lakes , snow flake mountains , i wanna go there again 😛

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