Animo Abidal

Eric Abidal a former french footballer and a Barcelona as a central or left defender(32Years Old) . One of the great Muslim Footballers ever,announced retirement today (18th May,2012) .On March 15th he was diagnosed with a tumor in his liver ,right after one year Abidal went through the liver transplant and on the same day Team Barcelona won against Getafe Cf  from 4-0 and dedicated their victory to Abidal.

Some Memorable Moments of Abidal :
During his last days at barcelona, on 25th january  Eric Abidal scored a winning goal for Barcelona  against the old rivals Real madrid in the 1st lag of Quater finals of Copa Del Ray ,He Celebrated his goal with Dani Alves which became famous as “Ai se tu Pego ”
Ai Se Eu Te Pego
Then during the 2nd Lag of the Quater final, Dani Alves gave Team Barcelona a break through ,and this time again Eric Abidal and Dani Alves Celebrated the goal in a new style .

and  after that crowd wanted eric abidal or Alves to score every time instead of Messi or David Villa so they can see some new dancing moves, but this never happend again as Eric Abidal had to take off days from Barcelona for his liver transplant.
On March 17th even the rivals Real Madrid wore Shirts on which “Animo Abidal ” was written and the victory was tributed to him .

The Whole world already missed you Abidal and now we will always miss you .



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  2. Hi, Nalaik I’m the girl from the above link from Judy.

    I support an English championship team but of course follow La Liga because it’s fantastic football. I was aware of Abidal’s illness but was under the impression he would return to football so this post was surprising and saddening.
    Hope you’re enjoying Euro’s, nonetheless!

  3. I liked Beckham for England but he’s too old now. I cant wait for Rooney to start, I think he will bring something we need. Oh by the way, he’s suspensed for the first two group games, so he wont play on friday but probably will in the game against ukraine. He’s suspensed because he got red -carded in a game in about October last year?, i think 🙂

    • yeah beckham is awesome player, a legand, with a humble and kind personality. i just dont like rooney face 😀 but i accept that he is a english hero. now i got it, why he is not playing, if he was playing in that mach against french ,england might have won it,.
      and yey toress finally scored two goals 😀 after missing so many chances 😀

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