Za Sta Pashan Ne Yam (Im Not Like You)

Pashto /Paktoo (a nothern Language spoken in Pak and Aghanistan) music has changed a lot. Khumar band was  the 1st one to bring that change by fusing Rubab with guitar, then Qaraar band came and their 1st release “Qaraara Rasha(Come Back Dear)” became all time Pashto super hit song. Then Rap Music was Introduced in Pashto By Fortitude band.

But rock /metal  was still needing to be Introduced in Pashto,and ” Naseer&Shahab ” recently done that job in their song “ze Pashton yam ( Im Pathan)” which  tells a peace Message from Pashton Community,Indeed pathans are Peace Makers.

And Now this time they have hit the Pashto Music lovers with the Punk song “Za Sta Pashan ne yam ” and became the Pioneers of Pashto Punk Music.The  song lyrics are  splendid.its about a girl who pretends that she loves but in reality she just  use men for money and lust.You can also call it a “Broken Heart Punk Song ” 😛

Za Sta Pashan Ne yam Lyrics  with Translations:
(Za sta Pashan ne yam  ) 3 times
Im Not Like you

Ta koh sara zar Maana Ghuwary
You ask me for Gold and Silver
Zama Paiso Bande Ta  Jarey
You just cry for My money
Gareeb na Ghareebi ke Ghowary
you use Poor in his poverty
Loot de kro , Ao bya ta lareee
you Loot and then you just run away
Koh Za Mina MIna Mina kom
But Im For Love, Love,love

(ao Za Mina mina Mina kom )2 times

(Za Sta Pashan ne yam ) 3 times.
Kaphal matlab ba ta pora ke ,
You fulfil things that are related to your mean,
Ma Khabara ba na oraay ,
and Wont even listen to me.
ta Dair Matlabi aee,
you are so self centered
ao mina ba ne ke,
and even after that you wont love
ao za Sta Pashan ne yam
but Im not Like you
ta Tash Khabara ke
You only make empty promises
ao  mina ne ke,
and wont love
za Sta Pashan ne yam.
but Im Not Like You
ao za Mina mina mina KOm
Cox Im For Love ,Love,Love

(ao Za mina mina mina Kom )2 times

(Ao za Mina mina mina Kom) 3-4 times
(Za Sta Pashan ne yam ) 4 Times.
Im not Like You



  1. good song hey demon panda 😉 dj could spin this song except I don’t like using people, that’s very wrong.. …the translation was nice to have.
    I got a brand new blog friend who likes Euro football. I thought you might want to drop by and see her run down on Russia, Greece and others…
    oops. I lost her link. brb.

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