June 21 the Longest Day of Earth

yeah i know that june 21 is the longest day of the earth and december 21 is the shortest day, i read that in 3rd grade in science , yeah i was a nerd Back in childhood B-)
The thing is  ,since it is the longest day of summer so it is also the hottest one, so instead of  screaming “Uff Garmi , Ufff Yea garmi ” start reciting

“Allah humma ajirni Minan Naar”
which means
“ALLAH save me from the Hell Torment ”
this dowa will help you remind that this worldly life heat is nothing comparable to hell fire whose fuel is humans  .
In the end i will say  Happy Garmi to all of my readers with loads of Loadsheding  😛



  1. your post left a smile on m y face n touched my heart 🙂
    Neva really thot of the garmi in this manner, and am sure next time i yell out hayeeee garmii garmiii garmiii garmii that i usually do am definitely gonna recite the Dua you wrote above 🙂
    thanks for this post

  2. Naliak, shabash. A very sensible post from you after a long time :p *wiping off a tear out of joy* you posted a very good reminder.
    I myself keep reciting ‘rabana atina fid dunya’ wali dua when I m caught up with sumthing bad or things dont make sense to me. And the post u mentioned, its a very good reminder indeed. I got a text on it few days back I remember. you refreshed the memory. ❤ May Allah Kareem give you jaza for it. Ameen : )

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