Spain Vs France

its France vs Spain in euro quarter finals ,on saturday night. Its going to be the one of the best quarter finals of euro 2012. and by the way its the Birthday of two French legends Zinedine Zidane and Patrick Vieira .
6 years ago SpainΒ  played against france in world cup 2006. Back then French was a better side and they managed to beat the Spain in starting rounds by 3-1, Ribery,Viera and Zidane were the goal scorer for the France. By beating Spain ,France qualified for the quarter finals where they beat Brazil.
6 years ago french were hot favorites since they had got Zidane, abidal, but after the world cup ended ,zidane took retirement and France went trough a lot of struggle, they got kicked out in the 1st round of worldcup 2010. and on the other hand spain improved alot, they emerged as a euro champs on 2008 and world champions in 2010 world cup.
Right Now France also has shown a lot of improvement in their attack, and made it to the quarter finals, and spain is missing their key attacker David Villa ,and their main defender Poyoul plus Fernando Torres is struggling these days but they have the best mid Field,On the other hand France has got a Strong attack which includes Karim Benzema and Frank RiberyΒ  . So its Impossible to say which side will win this time.
6 years ago i was with French Side because i was a Zizou fan, and after 2006 worldcup i started supporting Espania. Cant tell which side gonna win the match, but its going to be a historical match.
Fingers crossed.



      • No, actually I’m not a fan of CR7, LOL. I’m a fan of Germany. πŸ™‚ I just prefer to meeting Portugal in the Final than meeting Spain. And besides, Spain’s loss will ultimately pay off your heart-wrenching loss against the country, doesn’t it? So, hopefully Portugal goes through! πŸ™‚

        Nice to find another soccer lover blogger. Greetings to you, my new friend! πŸ™‚

        Subhan Zein

      • oww the german fan. lol remember Spain won against germans in euro 2008 finals ? πŸ˜› and then spain won it against germany in 2010 worldcup semi-finals ? πŸ˜›
        so i dont mind if germany take euro this time πŸ˜€
        and germany is no 1 fav this time,.it was their bad luck that champions league was won by chelsea, so germany shud take this euro,. but since im a barca fan since 2006 so no matter what, i always be supporting spain .
        lol lets see which team wins tonight.
        and football is unpredictable, what if germans lose it to the italy πŸ˜›

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