Spain the euro 2012 Champions

1st july the euro 2012 final between spain and italy ended. What a hilarious defeat for italy. Tremendous play by spain.Spain won it by 4-0 goals(David Silva,Jordi Alba,Fernando Toress and Mata) , Spain remained dominated during the whole match. awesome ball possession and passing moves from spain. During whole euro the people kept on saying Spanish game play is boring but today they hushed up every one, and showed all the game winning moves which they were saving for the final match.
AwesomeΒ  keeping by Casilass he totally out classed the italian attack , and the greatest of all, toress scored , and he became the only worldplayer to score consecutive goals in euro finals ever.Del Bosque become the world 1st couch ever to lift the worlcup,euro and uefa champions league trophies And Spain made a history today , they became the only champs who retined the euro title.
Moral of th Eurp cup 2012: Spain is still the world no 1 team in the world even if they play with out no striker, no david villa and no poyul .
and Rest In Peace Italy.I always wanted to see italy having such a hilarious deafeat, they bitches break my heart in 2006 worldcup against france,back then i was a little kid and what a heartbreaking moments were they to see Zidane going off the arena, but now my heart is at peace, i took my revenge through spain.
VIva la Espaniaa ❀



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