Sheetan Vs Nalaik Panda

We all muslims know that when the month of Ramzan(Holy month in which muslims fast) comes, Sheetan(Satan) is caged, all his freedom is taken away till the Ramzan ends,so he cannot astray any human.

Just like satan when the month of Exam comes, Nalaik Panda is also imprisoned by his Parents, all my freedom, all my liberties just taken away,  and my room becomes like a face book where i talk to the walls .and when i give my final paper ,im set free  like a Satan after the Ramzan ends
Moon of Ramzan is sighted in Pakistan and today is the 1st Fast , sheetan/satan is going to his jail and he is pretty sad this because now a days people are more evil than him and no one will miss him in ramzan .
Have fun in Prison of hell dear satan 😛
and Marhaba Ramzan  🙂



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