1st Blogging Anniversary

Ladies and Gentleman  you are welcome for coming there. I’m very honored that im the host of tonight’s ceremony. Tonight there will be alots of surprises  for you.Lets cut to the chase.Now i introduce you the greatest blogger of all time “Nalaik Pandaaa”.
(Will the Real Slim shady Please stand up! Please Stand up, In the background  music plays, as Nalaik Panda walks towards the stage).

Ayo ! how ya all doing ?  im just asking, i dont give a shit about you,im just here because if i stay at home, my mom will ask me to fill the empty bottles of water. last year on 1st Augest i started blogging and my 1st post was “The One who Knows the best ” starting from a serious post i wrote “She Wolf ” i decided to write humor, and then i wrote “When a Life Gives you a Lemon ” from which my posts got a breakthrough.among all my posts, the post with the most number of views and likes is “Bullet for my Valentine ” which crossed 5k plus viewers ,i wasn’t expecting it.
In my blogging year i learned many things,the 1st thing i learned is how to pretend,how to lie,when i was new at blogging people used to post links on my wall to read them,and when after reading it i used to post comments but to my comments they get pissed off,and i was told i dont have to post such comments,and when next time they again used to post links on my wall, i was like, dude seriously? and then i learned all i have to do is to like the post with out reading it and say some nice words which i never mean.and then it became my habit, and  i started gathering traffic at my blog,and thats how you all fools are sitting here right now, Thank you Blogging for turning me into a Beautiful Liar.

Now Time for Awards.

Now i present you the prestigious award made by me  specially for you great people , The “Teri Meharbani ” award. the rule about this award is you cannot give it back to its donor, but you can nominate others for this award. the 1st person to receive this award is “Haibar Zair”   thanks alot for introducing me to this blogging word :),hey every one follow her blog ,her posts are awesome .

Now i nominate “Eva” and “Amira” for the most comments on my blog.  to u both “Teri Meharbani ” 🙂
i also pass this award to ” Moments Not Memories” she is the only female person i know who takes interest in football,a great blogger.
“Teri Meharbai ” to “Elyas Mulu Kiros”  a nice blogger.
Now i pass it to my fb wife ” Spoiled Wali ” Teri bi Meharbani.
I proudly award it to “Pakistani boy ” i really love his blogging name and besides hes poems and stuff is awesome, do follow him.
I also give it to “Khanum ” she is the 1st blogger i know on wordpress who used to write posts in Urdu but not any more .
Ayesha” i also pass this award “Teri meharbani ” to you , for writing an awesome health and care blog.

and now enough lies  for me in Ramadan, “Teri Maharbani” to all of you for following me and reading my blogs.
Happy Blogging 🙂 second Ashra of Ramadan Mubarak to the Muslim World .



  1. Apki bhi meherbani for this award 🙂 I humbly accept and now m sad, you mentioned i dunt write in urdu more…i dunno i jus lost the touch. Buh for u I shall try write one.
    Happy blogging.

  2. apki mehrbani apney hamein yaad kiyaa ekvee saalgiraa par 🙂
    congratulations on the first year of blogging. I am glad i am back to blogging otherwise would have missed your lovely award 😀
    so you don’t read the posts ey !!!????
    I guess I need to learn how to do that 😆

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