Independence Day with orphan kids

This Summer “Jago Peshawar ” an organization consisting of youth took its physical form, and organized their first event on 31st july 2012,the 1st event was to organize the Iftari for more over 400 desolate people ,and by the grace of ALLAH and people donations it went great.
Our Next event was to share happiness with Orphan kids on 14th August the  Independence day ,for that we bought gifts, toys, choclates, mehandi and choriyan etc. For that we again collected donations  from people and ALLHAMDULILAH every one participated with us by donating. Organizing this event with orphan kids was the idea of our group member ” Taimur Wali ” .
Orphan House

There are 60 kids at the Orphan house, and all of them are cute,Funny and adorable.non of them is annoying and suborn.When i asked them,do you know the capital of Pakistan ? and most of them replied with the cute answer “Peshawar ” :D. being little their dreams are big, when i asked them what do you want to become ? and they give their cute answers like ” i want to become a Superman/Batman” some said ” I wanna became a solider” few of girls said ” i wanna became a doctor/ teacher “.

This is Najiya  with me and she wants to become a doctor

Ashan-ullah is a great artist, his drawing skills are amazing, may be he can become a great Architecture.

and they are 58 other kids with their big dreams.

These adorable kids are the future of Pakistan, and if we save them i tell you the Future of Pakistan will be beautiful like them.
All these kids want nothing from you,they just want to share their happiness and love with you.To them the coolest toy is just the cheapest balloon,We do so much care to the pets, but these are cute kids, We all do eid shopping, and girls buy shoes, purse, go to parlor, match a shoe for their every single dress, Just for a while put your self aside and think of these little kids,they have no one to give them Eidi, no Mom and dad to do eid shopping for them. And Remember Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said “I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this,” putting his index and middle fingers together. Volume 8, Book 73, Number 34 . and not as a muslim just for the sake of Humanity please do remember them in your Eid . A real living is living for others.
Our team is collecting funds and donations.We will give them presents ,new cloths and stuff as a Eid Gift on this Saturday.
if you want to help us by any mean ,please contact me at twitter /fb  (



  1. I am speechless. No wait, m not. I am in awe and proud of ur team for this initiative. This is a splendid job. May ALlah bless u n those kids. and This is really annoying for me. Nobody bothered commenting much or notice.

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