End Of The World

Just like the crap movie said ” the World Gonna end this 21st December ” (2012) , i Wished if it was true, because i have three quizes and two assignments on saturday and on 8th january i have final exams , so it would be great if world really ends on this friday ,so i dont have to prepare for these quizes, and dont have to get bad grades πŸ˜› and wheeyyyyy no studies, and with the end of the world there is a heaven and in that heaven virgins are waiting for meΒ  3;-)
ahh but my wish never gonna come true 😦 ,so dear Virgins hold on and keep waiting for me ,this World not gonna end so soon.



  1. Hey panda….when did you come back?? I’ve missed you! This is a great post! lol You crack me up! So glad you’re back so you can make me laugh again! πŸ˜‰ Besides. You always pass every exam with flying colors!

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