Spain Vs Brazil (Fifa Confederation cup 2013 Finale)

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History repeats its self, last year,1st July on sunday , catalans defeated italy in the euro finals by an epic victory of4-0.This year once again spain is into the finals by continuing their winning streak since a year,but this time they are facing an uprising rivals in their home. On the other hand Spain just winning Cups since 2008. 1st euro 2008,In 2010 worldcup,last year Euro cup again,and Now are in finals by defeating  italy in the semi finals.

Brazil has got new talent, they have all new faces.Their new # 10 is Neymar,who played a great role in leading them in to the finals.and who has recently joined Barcelona(spanish club).In a way its gonna be Barcelona Xi with out Lionel Messi.Brazil has 2 players now who plays for Barcelona .i.e Dani alves and Neymar JR. and Spain has Xavi,Inesta,Pique,Poyul,Febregas,Pedro,Sergio Buscuts,Valdes(on Bench)  who plays for Barcelona as well.
I remembered Last year my Friend, you stood by me supporting spain even though you are not a football fan and you barely knew me, still you showed your support for me on the post, it felt great and Spain won like a boss.Im Very thankful to you for this :),you are a true One Piece buddy.
just few mins away to kick off and im very excited, Its Luiz Felipe vs Del Bosque.Fingers crossed.
Enjoy the match 🙂



  1. Woa woa woaaa!! I m smiling with a big eeee , YOU remembered!
    All the best to your team, if they win a special haircut is due by a special haircut master! u know what am reffering to 😀

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