Eid-ul-Adha the Eid of Sacrifice

Eid Mubarak,Happy Eid,Bakra Eid

In Some part of the world today is 10th of Zil hajj (12th Month in Islamic Calender) and in some parts it will be tomorrow. And the 10th Zil haj is the Eid day for the Muslims,where they Sacrifice  Goat/sheep/Camel/bull .The Best thing about sacrificing an Animal is not just filling your fridges with meat,but its sharing love with friends and family.Sacrificing  animal and then dividing it in 3 portions,one for your own self,and one for family/friends and the other portion for poor and needy people.We all eat meet all around the year but giving it to the poor is the main purpose of the Eid.
Eid-ul-Azha is not just about sacrificing an Animal and then doing BBQ,wearing New cloths .It is more than that.Prophet Ibrahim (Pbuh) used to sacrifice animals every year but there was something else in the meaning of “Sacrifice” that made him determined to sacrifice the most beloved thing in seeking the pleasure of Allah.
Sacrifice was the test that Prophet Ibrahim (Pbuh) went through and he passed it. Every year we celebrate Eid but Have we ever thought about sacrificing ? what are we sacrificing this year on Eid other than the animal? Lets just sacrifice one bad habit this Eid. Sacrifice bad tongue this Eid for the pleasure of Creator,Sacrifice making lies,backbiting,Smoking,Adultery and So on. Lets Just Start it tomorrow by Sacrificing our sleep and getting up for Fajr ,how Wonderful it will be that starting a Day of Sacrifice with the Sacrifice .

Eid Mubarak,Happy Eid,Bakra Eid

Eid Mubarak,Happy Eid,Bakra Eid

Those who did Haj this year May Allah accept it and those who couldn’t may Allah give them opportunity to do next year or once in a life.If you are not celebrating Eid today then enjoy the companies of your Bakra(goat) and if he is a suborn ,wait for it to be sacrificed and then enjoy its Booti(meet) .Remember ill ones,Sick ones,Poors, And all the Humanity in your Eid Namaz Supplications.
Eid Mubarak to all the Muslim world .




  1. This is very encouraging, to bring the best out in people.

    I’ve never understood sacrificing an animal as it’s the animal whose life is sacrificed, not the killer’s. But I DO understand sacrificing bad habits act, as that actually IS a sacrifice by the individual.

    Sounds a bit like thanksgiving, this does – but different.

    • Vegatables are good,But animals and chickens have protein in them,and there are special vitamens in meet that are good for hairs and being a bodybuilder i know protien is all in meet.Plus humans are given a set of theeth called carnivors,which lions also have to chew the meet,we are given them for a reason,But sacrifice must not be painful for the animal,and if animal is injured or pregnant or not adult we cannot sacrifice it,the animal must have 2 teeth to be called adult,And the knife must be really sharp.If u gave animal a painful sacrifice or sacrifice a pregnant or a non adult animal we believe we will be answerable to God on Day of judgement
      btw i have hard alot about thanxgiving,and it was recently few days ago but dnt know what it is.

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