Wisdom of Nalaik Panda

They say “One should study for fun and to learn ,not for Grades and GPA” in same way,”We should worship God/Allah,to say him thanks for so many favors and worship with pleasure,not to save our souls from hell or to get heaven”.
Once There was a Saint “Rabia Basri ” and she was walking ,holding a water in one hand and a fire in the other,and some one asked her why you are holding water in one hand and the fire in other, and she replied “i want to Extinguish fire with water so people just don’t worship Allah with the fear of going into hell and with Fire i want to burn the heaven so people stop worshiping God Almighty for the sake of getting Paradise” 
The thing is i was born as a Genius with full of wisdom that’s why i don’t go to university to get good grades,even my GPA ,if i have to tell you my GPA then later i have to kill you.I just go to university for Sleep,Friends and Wifi B-)


Btw i really Missed my Self here”Nalaik panda ” ^_^



  1. I went to university for art and they told me I had no talent, so I quit school and started my own business selling my paintings for over 10 years. Keep strong and move towards your goal with a strong heart and you will succeed.

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