You got a dream,you gotta protect it,a good dream is one which is most difficult to achieve,becoming a fit,aesthetic person is not all about workout,its more than that it’s about everything a man has got.

It takes patience,believe,Faith,consistency, and almost killing your self,it’s about never eating your favorite food and never tasting your favorite drink,instead loving the food you hated the most,its about never going to parties,never going to concerts,Never going to clubs,Because you have to workout,never hanging out with your best friends,missing wedding parties,its about going to gym in rain,pain,storm,fever,flu,going to gym rather than doing your assignments or preparing your quiz and exams,No matter what  you have to be there,and when people meet you and they gonna say in start,why you are doing to gym ? you body aint building,you are wasting money and time,You have to listen all shit with keeping your pain,your tears in your heart,Let them say so,Rom wasnt built-in ,All the day,All the champions like jay Cutler,Flex Wheeler,Roonie coleman, they being Non Muslims woke up at 4-5 am in morning and do the cardio,why you being a muslim do not wake up for Fajr(Prayers) and start your day with working out your soul and then working out your body. 
Becoming a fitness freak is about giving up everything you got and after years of tears ,pain and sweet.And One day .one day You will become the role model,and people will look at you and say ” I wanna be like him “
Are you willing to give up everything you got ?
Then step up man ,if not then back of Bitch.
I got 99 problems but gym aint one.If you are a man then for you motivation is stronger than steroids. Dont be a pussy, do not cheat with your self and keep it real.



  1. Wow, this is a total pep talk! My son (17 3/4) doesn’t drink at parties because he does martial arts 6 days a week. I’ve heard his friends trying to rev him up before they go out but he’s ‘do what you want to do, I’m doing what I want to’. Thank mercy, no steroids!

    Do Muslims get up at 5am and pray? That’s pretty amazing – very monk-like (if I may say without insulting… somehow!). OMG, I’m trying to say this is a really revving piece!

    Now, I’m off to the vimeo video…

    • Im glad ur son has some aim,some goals and he is loyal to his goals and one day people will look at him and say :”I wanna be like him ”
      and yes we muslims do start our day with prayers,before the sun rises we pray in mosque/masjid together to start our day,not just that You can also wake up in the middle of night and can pray To God ,a muslim prays 5 times a day,n before every prayer he has to wash him self,ablution.So getting clean physically 1st and then spiritually 🙂
      im very very happy to see ur beautiful comments 🙂
      Have a nice weekend sis 🙂

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