Eva Green from Hijaban to Astaghfirullah-al-azeem

Well Muslims can Understand the Term “Hijaban to Astagfirullah-al-Azeem ” but for westerns let me make it simple, it means from good girl to a bad girl. If you guys have watched “kingdom of heavens” which was based on Historical events. The Movie released in 2005 featuring Orlando Bloom,Liam Nessan along with Eva Green. it was the 1st major breakthrough for Eva Green and in that Movie she appeared as a Modest girl, Properly Dressed up wearing Hijab and it beautified her looks.May be She was looking like one of the Virgins from Heaven.

Eva Green in Kingdom of Heavens.

Eva Green in Kingdom of Heavens.

Few days ago news about Sin City 2 came out featuring Eva Green.and She was the cover girl too for the Movie poster. but The girl who was Modest and Covered up way back in 2005 ,was now almost naked. The girl looking like an Angel in Kindgom of Heaven is now looking like a Hooker. And i don’t even want to display the poster here right now that will lead people calling my Blog “Astagfirullah-Al-Azeem ” too.
so what went wrong with her ?
1. Is it the Modern Area ? Where by getting more naked each day will be consider as more Civilized and Modern ? if that So then Animals are more Modern than us they are always naked. Or why dont become a cave men again ?
2. Or she did some really Haram things,which lead her to this ? When Adam and Eve ate the Forbidden fruit the 1st thing happened to them was that there cloths were removed.
3. Or She met some real Bad boy who turned into like this ? or may be it was Cobra Star Ship who once sung a song ” I make them good girls go bad  ” .



  1. The problem is that hijabians are taunted so much so that they think it’s better to get rid of hijab. Then to allow people call bad names to all hijabis because of us .

    And this is a reality that i felt myself even

    • it will happen to all of us. if you are on the straight path people will come and mock you. But then there is the dua.In surah baqarah there is the part, When a rich man is killed by some one and no one knows the murderer and they come to Prophet Moses and tells him about the situation and said made dua to ur rub and tell us what to do.
      so Moses A.S told them the reply of Allah S.W.T. “You are commanded to slaughter a cow ” and when they heard it they mocked it, what ? a murder just happend and you are telling us to slaugthered a cow. and it hurt MOses A.S so bad, he was telling the truth,he was instructed by the God, but they are making fun of him. So what did Moses did ? he made a dua “”I seek refuge in Allah from being among the ignorant.” and in arabic ignorant jahil is one who dont have control over his emotions and its opposite is one who has control over his emotions.
      I remembered being mocked at by my own family and i cried and lost my emotions cox it hurted and it led me to become Jahil, So Moses A.S is being mocked at and he is praying ” Oh Allah i seek refuge that i dont want to be among Jahils ” .
      if you lose your Kool, lose control over ur emotions istead of inspiring them you will make a negative impression on them. So it requires a Lot of Patience. thats why Allah says again in surah baqarah ” seek help through patience and Prayers ” 1st thing is patience and then prayers comes last.
      Phew such a long comment

  2. Ah let the judging for the old guy upstairs ey 😉 If that’s what she chooses nobody has the right to judge her for that.. and by all means the beauty of a heart is not measured by the length of cloth. I’m a little curious about the exact translation though … it always opens up more food for thought.. by what I learned is that azeem means protector. Do you happen to know the literal translation?

    • its nice to see you posting comment. but Dear Sister the one you are referring to as Old guy ,is God, and he made time,time can never beat him, So he cant get Old guy, He is God, Ever Living and Absolute.
      Beauty lies in the Modesty , in the eyes and in the heart and in the character and in the soul the rest is clay.
      i wasnot judgamental i was just out from blogging since long, so i decided to write something funny .
      Azeem word originated from word bone, bone is strong,tough, Powerful. and i just made the title, in muslim world if they read it ,it sounds funny .
      im very happy to see you posting comment on my blog.

      • Word of play. Old Father Time. 😉 and no worries you’re entitled to your opinion… just giving my two cents. We’re mature enough to disagree right 🙂

        Thanks for explaining the word. The older I get the more I find that words are fluid of nature. Love them nonetheless 🙂

      • its just the human nature, they were born this way, Adam and Eve made for each other and they both were Happy in Heavens,then they did one wrong act which was forbidden and suddenly their cloths were removed, but they had Modesty so they tried to cover their bodies beneath the Leaves and trees etc. And in Bible the Mother Mary , She is Covered. Thing is Women is made Beautiful, More beautiful then the man is.Ok is one example.
        there is a sweet , one is covered and one is uncovered, the covered one will be safe from bees and dust, but the uncovered one will be exposed to Bees and Dust. So which one will you like to eat ? the covered one or uncovered one ?
        i hope you get the analogy.but yes we are mature enough and have our own brains and our own choices. we can know the right and wrong and then after knowing right and wrong we can chose willingly right or wrong .
        i think you have quite knowledge about words . im very bad at every language 😀

  3. Its not just her but all the celebrities! Including our Pakistani muslims 😦 . Of course this is all wrong but now i dont judge anyone by what they wear cuz i learned that even if you see a girl wearing almost no clothes dont for a split second think that she has less iman then you maybe Allah loves her more than me.

  4. Its not just her but all the celebrities! Including our Pakistani muslims 😦 . Of course this is all wrong but now i dont judge anyone by what they wear cuz i learned that even if you see a girl wearing almost no clothes dont for a split second think that she has less iman then you maybe Allah loves her more than me. (Talking specifically about muslims)

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