The True Saint Nalaik Panda

Every body has to die. Tupac said ” we are all dying to live, but the truth is we are all living to die ” . And “Every soul shall taste death ”  Quoted from Quran chapter 3. So its Obvious we all gonna die. But why don’t we die in a way that will your moral deeds ,your achievements shall be cherished by the generations. like Einstein said ” real living is living for others ” . who can guess that coming from a brainy like Einstein .
Just like very other soul i will die. Probably in a  decade ,God knows . But before dying, the Super Hero “Nalaik Panda ” would like to die as “Saint Nalaik Panda ” . And why would they honor me as a Saint Nalaik Panda ? would i invent something new ? would i give them some sort of Spiritual Enlightenment ? Well no. What  would i do, I would stand up against the Villain of every student’s life “Exams “. forget the definition , the word “Exams ” itself is scary enough to make you run away from the School.People say bad things about Hitler and Osama Bin Laden, Taliban that how brutally they assassinate poor souls.But I hear no one say how Terribly Exams eats the brains of the students like a thirsty Vampire. 1st it takes away the Peace,then Sleep and then the rest.Every one say bad things about the one who cheats.but You got to hate the Sin not the Sinner. By that i don’t mean start heating cheating .I simply Mean start heating the Exam at 1st place .I will be the 1st ever human in the history of the mankind to stand up for the student rights and will Eliminate the Exams .
A day will come when i can give this World a Exam free Education and one day i will leave this world.Then the World will shed tears of Joy not that i gone, you morons, they will shed tears of joy because i gave them the Happiness of going to school with no fear to fail.The Poor students who used to be backbenches and never study,they can enjoy the school life equally like the Nerds. after Decades there will be my Pictures and Posters in every school. In every  University Library as ” Saint Nalaik Panda ” and my work will be written in Golden words. There will be Essay’s and biography written on me which will be compulsory in literature. Just like Shakes Spheres Romeo and Juliet my this post will be presented in the syllabus.
hold on dear students, the day of dawn is very near. Soon the dark night will be passed and then you all will pass .
Salutations be upon Saint the Nalaik Panda.



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