Unsafe Containers

In my world basically there are two types of Emotions .Β 
type 1 .
Happiness Joy ,Pleasure and Vacations.

type 2.
type 2 emotions are called as Emotions of Exams . Sorrow, sadness, broken, grief all these emotions lie under the emotions of Exams .
Now since i have explained the two basic types of emotions ,its not hard to guess which one are difficult to go through. Unfortunately I go throw emotions of exams almost twice a year πŸ˜₯ . What they do to me ? i ask you what does krypton do to Superman ? or what does punching in the balls do to a man ? what does calling aged do to a women ?
But this is Life  😦 . Like a Roller Coaster just is followed up with Ups and Downs. don’t Β get worried, just Β enjoy the ride !



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  2. I just entered here and I guess I am not welcomed so before getting shot, I would leave a quick comment. I guess your Blog’s title should be “How to get rid of Exams, 101 ways” Lol every post is about exams dude why don’t you realize, students won’t study if there would be no exams. You want to lower the already low literacy rate ? Your blog is fun By the way ! Cool work πŸ˜‰

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